The fuzztone is cranked way up on “Lo/Hi,” the first Black Keys song since 2014. It’s the kind of garage-boogie stomp that the band never left behind. Singing about desperate loneliness and 180-degree mood swings, the Black Keys reach back to a late-1960s combination of primordial three-chord simplicity (hinting at Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky”) and overdubs galore. Between the group handclaps, a gang of guitars and the whooping, wailing backup vocals, it’s a far cry from the early Black Keys’ two-man-band austerity — but with the old wallop intact. JON PARELES

A folky waltz tells the story of an adolescent romance, deploying details with a concision akin to Paul Simon: “Morrissey apologists, amateur psychologists, serial monogamists, we went to different colleges.” There’s no happy ending, and Phoebe Bridgers’s production surrounds the acoustic guitars with distant, shadowy strings that hint at the song’s higher stakes. PARELES